CEMIG’s total debt at the end of 2018 was R$ 14,772 million, with foreign-denominated debt of R$ 5,827 million, or 39,4%, and domestic currency-denominated debt of R$ 8,945 million, or 60,6%.

    Nevertheless, all the parameters that measure the Company’s financial health are at very comfortable levels, such as the net debt/EBITDA ratio, which was 3,52 interest coverage. The policy of financial management seeks to assure sustained growth and value creation for the shareholders by acting in a way to maximize the financial result:

    • The level of debt seeks to maximize the benefits of the capital structure;
    • Reduction of the weighted average cost of capital;
    • Expanded access to the financial markets;
    • Combination of reduced costs with longer periods;
    Total Debt Cemig Consolidated
      12/31/2018 12/31/2017 Short Term Long Term 12/31/2016
    Foreign Currency 5,827 3,297 30 3,266 30
    Domestic Currency 8,945 11,100 2,339 8,760 15,149
    Total Cemig 14,772 14,397 2,370 12,027 15,179


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